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Healthcare & Senior Living

We are the leader in healthcare and senior living dining, serving nearly 950 hospitals, senior living communities, and integrated healthcare systems in 43 states. With over 1,200 registered dietitians, 350 executive chefs and 18,000 professional food service team members, Morrison Management Specialists is more than a food service partner – we specialize in helping hospitals and senior living communities in their journey of transformation.  Whether it’s meeting the needs and desires of a new generation of seniors who are distinctly different from any to have come before them, or navigating the myriad of changes on the horizon for healthcare, Morrison is uniquely qualified to help clients bring nutritional and culinary solutions to those we touch every day – patients, residents, staff and visitors.

Morrison Healthcare
Morrison Community Living
Crothall Healthcare, Inc.

TouchPoint Support Services is the industry’s first combined healthcare food service and environmental services provider. By combining both food and environmental services, we are able to provide our patients with a comprehensive care experience during their hospital stay; creating a warm, comforting, and caring support services environment for patients, hospital employees, and guests. TouchPoint is a company dedicated to serving our patients, customers, and clients by providing “compassion at every point of human contact”.

TouchPoint Support Services

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