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Sustainable Seafood

In collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, Compass Group has developed purchasing standards for sustainably sourced seafood. 

We believe these corporate purchasing standards can eventually be supplanted by a rigorous international certification program for aquaculture operations that reflects the same sustainability criteria used by the Seafood Watch program regarding:

1. The use of marine resources
2. Risk to wild stocks from escapes
3. Risk of disease and parasite transfer to wild stocks
4. Risk of pollution and habitat effects, and
5. Effectiveness of the management regime

Shrimp example:
To sell farmed shrimp to our company, suppliers must verify – via independent, third-party audit – that they are meeting these purchasing standards. (The standards equate to a “good alternative” ranking under the sustainability criteria of the Seafood Watch program.) Suppliers must also document for Compass Group an independently traceable process that assures the shrimp delivered to Compass Group were produced according to the purchasing standards.

(2014) 100% Sustainably Sourced Skipjack Tuna by 2015

(2012) Sourcing Sustainable Seafood – Engaging the Supply Chain to Create Positive Change (page seven)

(2009) Compass Announces Results of Landmark Policy to Purchase Sustainable Seafood

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